Instructions for Authors

Ars Medica Tomitana, the official journal of Faculty of Medicine, Constanta, with web page:, published original papers, and case reports concerned with aspects of general interest of the scientific basis, clinical features, and therapeutic approach of diseases. The journal is published quarterly and papers are accepted for publication both in English and French language. Revision of the language is not the responsibility of the editor, and manuscripts otherwise acceptable but written in incorrect language will be returned for language revision.

The author(s) guarantee(s) that the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any language or submitted elsewhere before. Authors are requested to send the completed Copyright Assignment Form to the Editorial Office at the address given below.
Three hard copies of the manuscript including all figures and tables clearly labeled accompanied with the electronic data should be submitted to the Co-Editor in Chief.

Editorial Office:
Professor N. Ceamitru
Ovidius University Constanta
Faculty of Medicine
C2 Universitatii Street
900527 Constanta

The manuscripts should be on standard-sized A4 paper in double spaced typewriting on one side of the paper only. Arrange manuscripts as follows:

Title page
- The name(s) of author(s): name and first name for women, name and initials for men;
- The affiliation(s) of the author(s);
- The full address, e-mail, telephone, fax number, of the communicating author.

Abstract. Each paper must be preceded by an abstract, in English an French language, not more then 250 words, presenting the most important results. Do not use abbreviations, footnotes, or references in abstract.
Key words. Three to five taken from Index Medicus should be supplied after the Abstract for indexing purpose.

Body paper - The paper must be structured in the following chapters:
- Introduction - should state the purpose of the investigation and give a short review of the pertinent literature;
- Materials and methods - section should provide enough information to permit repetition of the experimental work
- Result - should describe the outcome of the study. Data should be presented as concisely as possible, if appropriate in the form of tables or figures, although very large tables should avoided.
- Discussion - should be an interpretation of the results and their significance with reference to pertinent work by other authors.
- Acknowledgements - should be as brief as possible. Any grant that requires acknowledgement should be mentioned.
- References - should only include works that are cited in the text. Cite references in order of appearance in text. Citation in the text should be identified by Arabic numbers in square brackets.

Here are a few examples for the style of references:
Original article:
Darbin O, Risso JJ, Weiss M, Rostain JC - Pallidal administrations of gabazine and 5-AVA affect pressure-induced behavioral disorders in rats - Pharmacol Biochem Behav 2002;71(1-2):319-24.
Article in book:
Nagelhout J. - General anesthetic agents. In: Baer ChL, Williams BR (eds) Clinical Pharmacology and Nursing. Springhouse, Pennsylvania, 1996, 366-380

Tables - should have a title and a legend explaining any abbreviation used in that table. Table roman number and title must appear above table.

Figures - should be professionally designed. Figure Arabic number and title must appear below figure

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